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RFC 590
MULTICS address change.
M.A. Padlipsky. November 1973.

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Network Working Group M. Padlipsky Request for Comments: 590 MIT-Multics NIC: 20326 19 November 1973 Multics Address Change We will be changing the Network address of MIT-Multics from 6 to 44 (decimal) on Monday, December 17, 1973. Please make any necessary table and program changes then, and accept our apologies for the inconvenience. The change was necessitated by the fact that 1) there were some nine uses for the four ports on IMP 6, making the second MIT IMP desirable; 2) there were four very active Hosts on IMP 6, making the shift of at least one of them to the new, less busy IMP desirable; and 3) the new Multics machine is some 2000 feet from the old IMP, making it the logical candidate for the move. It is likely that we will have one or two additional test sessions on the new IMP prior to the changeover date. These will be announced in our "message of the day", and would only affect -- temporarily -- users who cannot employ numeric Host addresses directly. RECEIVED AT NIC 11-21-73 [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ] [ into the online RFC archives by Lorrie Shiota 1/02 ] Padlipsky [Page 1]


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